Apple Mac Pro Quad Core, Motu 828 interface

Logic 9, Protools 9


Yamaha NS10m, Mackie HR824


Condenser: Neumann TLM 103 x 2, Audio Technica AT4033,  SE Electronics SEx1.

Dynamic: Shure SM58 x5, Beta 58, SM57 x2, Beta 57, Audix i5, Audix D2 x2, Audix D4 x2, AKG D112, AKD D190 x3, Sontronics STC-6.

Preamps & DI’s

Sontronics Sonora (2x preamps), Focusrite Octopre (8 preamps), Sansamp Bass DI


Drums: Yamaha Custom Maple; 26, 18, 16, 12, 10 – 16″ A-Custom crash, 15″ A-Custom hi-hats.

Guitars: Felix Tele, Fender Telecaster USA Standard, Fender Telecaster JA-90 with Symour Duncan P90’s

Basses: Fender Jaguar (active)

Acoustics: Takamine ltd 2006

Guitar amps: Fender Deville, Line 6, 1970’s Roost Session Master

Bass heads: Ashdown Evo 500, Trace Elliot

Bass cabs: Ampeg 4×10, Tace Elliot 4×10

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